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The Official Website of Pearl Polto -

Pearl Polto’s Documentary Series

Pearl Polto in the SkyWelcome to the Pearl Polto Documentary Video Series. I will be doing these each month. They will  not just be on credit, but on consumer problems that affect all of us from health care to credit problems to problems that affect your daily life and mine.

My venture may take me to your home and the first home will be in the Philadelphia area. To see the first video go to the Pearl’s Documentary Video Series link at the top or just click here .

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Pearl PoltoExpert Pearl Polto gives today’s Americans just like YOU the complete hope with restoring your credit.

Pearl Polto’s knowledge of credit advocacy is the top 1% of the country in restoring your credit. An author, advocate and business woman who has spent her career helping restore people’s credit. Featured on television and radio across the USA as the guardian angel of American’s in crisis.