Pearl’s Video Series

YouTube/The Pearl Polto Show
You can view all of The Pearl Polto Show Podcasts on our Official YouTube Channel located at


Personal Interview(s)

Is Your Doctor Right For You ?
This is a personal interview done with Dr Adelaida Merker M.D., D.O. about the part of the audio book chapter on Doctor’s and Prescriptions.


Pearl’s Documentary Series
This is a series of Pearl’s short documentary video series on various topics ranging from bank problems to credit problems to medical marijuana and even the homeless.


Yo Philly-What’s Bugging You ?
If you have a problem with your neighbors, courts, stores, attorneys, trash men, etc… or just the city, state, or even county email Pearl with you name, telephone number including area code and summary of problem to



The Trudy Haynes Show
Pearl appeared on the Trudy Haynes Show back in 2011. The show originally aired on Comcast, PhillyCam, Wilco Cable and ION-WPPX. There were two episodes that Pearl appeared on. The topics included “Is Credit a Major Problem in this Country? and “What to do to get your Dream House”



NBC 10 with Tracy Davidson

Debt Collector story that aired on NBC 10 with Tracy Davidson on February 4, 2012

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