Pearl’s new Audio book is available now for $19.99 . There are two types that are available. One is a downloadable mp3 and the other are a two set CD. If you make the purchase for the downloadable audio book you will get an email from us with the download link and your purchase information.











Two CD Set $19.99


Downloadable Version $19.99


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Are We Doomed? Enough Is Enough (Available in Kindle and Hardcover Book)

Pearl Polto’s Guide To Good Credit

Credit Lifeline (Book)

Doctor’s Don’t Lie (They Bury Their Mistakes)

Credit Lifeline Information Kit

Sale Price $50

This kit contains everything you need to get control of your life. Pearl’s remarkable book, Credit Lifeline, which explains everything from bill collectors and bankruptcy to credit cards and credit reports. The Credit Lifeline Kit contains 6 audio CD’s on Bankruptcy,Credit Repair, Bill Collectors, Credit Bureaus, laws on Credit, and Remove Your Credit Rating in 30 Days and all the forms letters you need to get control of your credit are in Pearl’s book Credit Lifeline which is included with the kit.

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Pearl B. Polto, Inc.
P.O. Box 18164
Philadelphia, PA 19116







Credit Lifeline Seminar (DVD)

For the first time you can watch Pearl Polto “Credit Lifeline Seminar” in the comfort of your own home for only $50.00. Send check, money order or credit card information and we will send you the Credit Lifeline Seminar that was done for the City of Philadelphia right in your own home. Just click on the application link below, print it out, fill in the info, send us your check, money order or credit card information and send it to the address listed on the form. Make checks payable to Pearl B Polto, Inc.


Preview of the Credit Lifeline Seminar