Testimonial from Carlin Aland (Atlanta, Georgia)

My name is Carlin Aland, and a few years ago a close friend gave me Pearl Polto’s contact information. Pearl is brilliant at helping consumers through their credit problems, and that is exactly what she did for my friend and several of her friends. She is the person you want on your side to get you through any credit issues you are having. She knows what she is doing and is well respected for what she does. She will be your advocate as long as you listen to her advice and follow her instructions. She has over 30 years experience being an advocate for consumers and I am very lucky to have gotten to know her. After I heard what Pearl was able to accomplish I felt very comfortable calling on her and recommending her to my clients and friends that need help repairing their credit.

Pearl is tough but fair, knows what she’s talking about and will be honest with you. She knows the laws and your rights as a consumer.
What she ask from you is simple…read the information she sends you and make sure to follow whatever instructions she gives to you…Do your homework and take care of what she ask you to do, and you will be on the road to having good credit and the freedom that comes with it.

Call Pearl at 1-800-876-CRED or 215-698-2923 and 1-866-61-PEARL