What Other’s Are Saying

Pearl Polto is a hard driving force in her dedication to empowering people with knowledge of their credit rights and providing her expertise to solve their credit problems, For the past 25 years, Pearl has traveled nationally presenting her seminars. As a result, she has earned the title of “Credit Guru.” Clients who have given testimony to their experience with Pearl Polto are among corporate executives, elected officials, doctors, politicians and other notable professionals.

I met Pearl during one of her seminars in Philadelphia, PA and immediately asked for her help. The service she provides was super fast and only required simple tasks of the client. Her advice and directives are sharp, focused , and designed to educate the consumer on their credit rights, eliminating harassing debt collectors, extinguishing credit problems, and avoiding scam operations.

Knowing how essential it is to have good credit today, Pearl is not only a hero but a very important person in my life, Improving your credit may seem hopeless to you until Pearl takes the reins to restore your credit.

My experience as her client has been phenomenally successful as I enjoy my good credit rating today just from my split-second decision to seek her help. Pearl recently authored and published her book, “Are We Doomed” and has a weekly radio show in Philadelphia, PA on WWDB (860 AM) at 12:00 Noon on Mondays.

Ruby Seaman-Phillips M.S.